ICCF Group is a vertically integrated high-end fashion group adhering to sustainable development.

ICCF Group originates from ICICLE Fashion Group, which was founded in 1997. After acquiring the French brand CARVEN in 2018, the company was reconstructed into ICCF Group in 2020 and headquartered in Paris. Main business segments of ICCF Group include the Chinese brand ICICLE, the French brand CARVEN, a fashion manufacturing center and a logistics center.

ICCF Group is committed to providing the world with environmentally-friendly fashions of high-quality materials. With a comprehensive responsible perspective of challenges in material sourcing, product development, manufacturing, sales and consumer experience, ICCF Group seeks the harmony among brand development, environment and society.

ICCF group currently operates under a dual-center structure. Headquarter functions are shared between the Paris and the Shanghai offices, providing effective support for development in both regions. 

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    Based on the ancient Eastern philosophy ‘Oneness With Nature’, ICICLE selects high-quality natural fabrics and crafts them with ethical care. In a minimal contemporary style, ICICLE reveals the art of nature through the pursuit of a free and balanced urban life.

  • Carven


    More than a fashion couture house, Carven is a universe to live in, grounded in joy and optimism. 

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Manufacturing Centers

The competitive strength of ICCF Group lies in the responsible manufacturing of ethical products.

Shanghai and Haimen manufacturing centers rely on extensive experience in advanced Chinese manufacturing to establish sustainable industrial supply platforms for the future.

ICCF Manufacturing Centers follow this principle: ‘Live Well, Enjoy Our Work, Produce High Quality and Smart Manufacturing’. The main ICCF Manufacture Center has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 Certificates.

Sustainable Development

ICCF’s manufacturing processes promote sustainable development through three aspects: ‘sincere reverence for nature’, ‘cherishing what is given to us’ and ‘kindness for others’.

Mutually beneficial coexistence between human and nature

Saving material and optimizing usage.

Mutually beneficial relationship between individuals

In pursuit of the harmony between nature and society, ICCF Group embraces

world talents and resources to create an inspiring way of life.