Rather than immersing ourselves in deep creativity,The shooting of the Spring/Summer 2024 Corporate Campaign is more like a return of body and soul,Back to the essence, back to the most simple and carefree realm.

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In the new season fashion proposals created by ICICLE,A community of genuine and vibrant real people

Find their beloved everyday attire.

Then together, they step into nature,Feeling it, and expressing it in return.

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Taking a rest on a patch of grass,Or standing amidst tranquil wilderness.

Discarding all constraints and preconceptions,Let communication happens in this picturesque setting.

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Fine art photographer Justine Kurland

Follows the natural breath and spontaneous mindstate,Presses the shutter, capturing the most authentic and moving instants.

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They are ICICLE.


Chef, Lin Wenbao,

Model, Astrid Grove,

Jewelry designer, Mawena Takpa,

Textile designer, Justine Gaignault,

Visual installation artist, Kamilya Kuspan,

Model/Jewelry designer, Marie Seguy,

Painter, Talia Maidenberg,

Architect, Guillaume Burietz,

Producer/Composer/Drummer, Oscar Robertson.


*The appearance order follows from left to right based on the left image.


What we call ‘Made in Earth’,

That's all it is.