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Made of pure cashmere, wool or a silk-wool blend, the ICICLE Aircoat wraps you up in a light warmth. Without lining or padding, it liberates the body while offering that unique warmth specific to natural fabrics.

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natural fibres

The finest cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia is carefully sorted and woven into soft and warm double-face fabric; Merino wool from Australia is blended with silk to create that subtle luster and fine touch.
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    cutting and sewing

    The double-face fabric is meticulously cut and opened thread by thread by experienced hands, in order not to damage it. 

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    inlaid organza

    A strip of organza is inserted into the opened edge of the fabric before sewing. This technique is frequently used in couture-making, as it gives a durable shape to your cashmere coat for many years to come.

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    The threads are waxed, wrapped in a protective layer, in order to make the surface smooth and compact, preventing fraying and static.

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    Hand Sewing

    Delicate hands fold edge after edge, sewing with detailed stitching. This high-precision work requires patience, passion and dedication.

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ICICLE is a high-end essential wardrobe, offering comfortable and meticulously tailored garments made with natural materials.

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