Sustainable Development

ICCF’s manufacturing processes promote sustainable development through three aspects: ‘sincere reverence for nature’, ‘cherishing what is given to us’ and ‘kindness for others’. 

  • Biodegradable garment accessories made of natural materials

Mutually beneficial coexistence between human and nature

Energy Management

High efficiency boiler can greatly reduce NOx emissions. As a clean energy, municipal central heating solves the problem of waste gas emission. The energy-saving technical transformation of steam pipeline saves electricity and gas consumption and allows for energy recycling.

Environmentally Friendly Factory

We upgrade water treatment technology; control the generation, discharge and disposal of wastewater. We also improve the efficiency of water usage. The industrial park projects under construction will obtain LEED certificates.

Reduce Plastic Pollution

We reduce the use of plastic products, use degradable plastic packaging and consumables that exceed the latest national standards, establish and improve the recycling practices. 

  • Aw21

    Autumn / Winter 2021 Window “Earth Shelter”, made of surplus cutting materials

Saving material and optimizing usage

Technological Innovation

We are committed to continuous technological innovation and the introduction of modern industrial products and information technology. We have also introduced seamless whole-garment knitting technology to reduce the consumption of raw materials and labor. Introduction of template technology improves product quality. We use automatic pilot hanging assembly line, application of intelligent sewing unit, OCR cloth inspection, etc..

Residual and Waste Material Recycling

We build the mechanism to recycle and reuse waste and leftover materials generated by production. Diversified commodities that can be reused are made through redesign and third-party recycling. 

  • The workplace at ICCF Jiangsu Haimen Factory

Mutually beneficial relationship between individuals

Decent Salary

We provide competitive compensation and benefits, including social security insurance, housing fund, supplementary commercial medical insurance and working allowance, etc.

Healthy Manufacturing and Living Environment

We upgrade our workplace with good lighting, air conditioning and ventilation; safety guaranteed auxiliary manufacturing facilities and appliances. We have improved the grid EHS management system of work safety in industry. We continue to improve supporting facilities and environment for a good living; apartment dormitory and caring dormitory management.

Employee Care

We encourage and recognize the efforts of each employee; provide vocational training and mental health care; hold amateur charity sports events, family open days, children's summer care and other activities.