After two years' preparation, ICICLE's first global flagship store opens on Sept.16th 2019, at 35 Avenue George V in Paris. With pioneering Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, ICICLE presents the perfect harmony between a Natural Way of fashion and architecture, out of respect for this historical building, with a refreshing and contemporary style.

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AS SEEN BY Bernard Dubois

Designed by Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, this place was created in the following way according to his own words:

“For its first store outside of China, ICICLE chose Paris. Specifically, a 19th-century building on Avenue Georges V steeped in its own history and that of the neighborhood. In keeping with Chinese tradition, the project respected the existing building. The facade, entrance, stairs and other parts of the original building have been kept and restored. All the floors and architectural details are in limestone, and the walls and ceilings are coated in a limestone-based plaster to create continuity of color. The modernity of the store’s design and the historical charm of its setting converge in a series of carefully chosen, subtle details.

On entering, visitors are immediately struck by the high ceilings and ornamental architectural features, as they move toward the entirely stone-clad main space of the store. As they climb from floor to floor, different materials appear in the decor, such as wood and ceramic. The architectural forms combine Chinese and European tradition, playing on their similarities and on a hierarchical arrangement of repeated horizontal and vertical elements. The interior design makes extensive use of solid, natural materials, with sustainability and durability in mind. Like the garments designed by ICICLE, it challenges the excessive consumerism of our era and the concern for immediacy and disposability. This store is designed to last, thanks both to the quality of its materials and the simplicity of its conception.”

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Designed by architect Louis Legrand in 1894, the 35 George V townhouse is a neo-Louis XVI style historical building, sitting right next to the renowned Hotel Prince de Galles.

Our of sincere respect for the history of the building, ICICLE and the architect Bernard Dubois decided to keep its orignal style and features, renovated the facade, entrance and staircase, allowing the store to coexist harmoniously with the historical neighborhood. 

Pioneering Belgian architect Bernard Dubois is known for his analytical, precise and sentitive architectural language. Breaking boundaries of different styles, he is particularly attentive to the cultural context of the project and explores the continuity between historical heritage and contemporary design with a humble attitude.

As the continuity of the historical building, the 490 square meters of store space over 4 levels uses limestone on the floor, same material as the facade, and limestone-based coating on the interior wall and ceiling, for the harmony and unity of color and texture.

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The store layout consist of an open showroom and an alcove on each floor. Design of the alcove is inspired by the vertial and hierarchical style of traditional Chinese wood architecture. The alcove on the first floor uses natural oak to create a down-to-earth and warm experience.

The alcove on menswear level uses enamel, where the blue-and-white color scheme is inspired by Chinese porcelain. Geometrical furniture covered with lacquered leather further creates a futuristic contemporary style.

The cultural bookstore on the fourth floor uses walnut to create a serene reading space. 500 hundred carefully selected books cover culture, fashion and art. The gallery space showcases handmade ceramics by renowned Japanese potters, bringing the best of Eastern material culture to the most fashionable district of Paris.

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