On February 22nd 2022, ICICLE inaugurated a sleek new boutique at 50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement, Paris. This opening in one of the world’s most luxurious shopping districts marks its second address in the French capital and in Europe. 

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In keeping with the ICICLE philosophy, the new Right Bank store was conceived mindfully: a contemporary, minimal aesthetic conveys the brand’s ethos of consuming consciously and better. Noble, natural, and responsibly sourced materials take pride of place within a simple, streamlined concept evoking timelessness and harmony. 

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Like ICICLE’s flagship store on the Avenue George V, this 226 square-meter boutique was designed by the renowned Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, who approached the project as a seamless continuation of the original address. Architectural treatments and materials tell a story of East meeting West, with graceful curves and spare lines offering subtle plays of contrast and texture accentuated by touches of brushed bronze and lacquered woodwork. 

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A sense of openness greets the visitor, with soaring volumes and, at the store’s center, a monumental staircase that flows organically from the ground floor to two upper levels. Paloma limestone flooring, architectural details and tonal wall and ceiling treatments reinforce chromatic continuity and a sense of unity. Respectively, the display are presented in an intuitive, organically designed layout, creating a serene showcase for ICICLE ready-to-wear and accessories for women and men.

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