As an essential natural element, water generates everything. From its eternal flow in nature, an inclusive balance is born. To embrace everything about water, the inspiration of ICICLE women’s collection for the year is “Be Like Water”.

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Though transparent and colorless, water can manifest infinite color palette.

Blend changing colors of water into spring and summer palette, and further refine the light structure technique, suit can also be lithe and vibrant.

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The colors of water ripples in daylight are taken and spread on gradient mohair knitwear, reflecting the spring air and charging the wardrobe with vitality.

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Shapeless water is vivid for its flowing nature. Exquisite pleating details are crafted on the dress sides, spread naturally on the wearer’s body, just as the light grace bestowed by water.

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The greyish-green and sunlit-khaki trench coat, remolded in silhouette through short-hooded poncho or crafted with nautical metal studs and pleats, illustrates the fresh weatherproof ICICLE Dew Series.

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Water irrigates all life and seeds have always been about new life. Absorbing such genuine meaning, ICICLE ripens its new iconic Seed Bag. Smartly structured from a single piece of leather, the simple and portable piece of ingenious shape echoes ICICLE’S design principle, ”Form Follows Function”.

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Inspired by contemporary Chinese paintings, the fresh silk scarf portrays a tender touch of spring and brings out smooth texture like flowing water, embellishing the image of “Be Like Water” with poetry.

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Water is the inspiration.

In an ethereal way,

Here unveils the water chapter of ICICLE women’s collection.