Summer is coming, with blazing sunshine drawing near inch by inch. Put on a light dress and breathe freely in the warmer and warmer air. The invisible breeze therefore can be traced.

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    Silk Crepe De Chine Sleeveless Pleated Long Dress

Hours of intricate handwork goes into every pleating detail, beating rhythm on the side of wearer’s body, weaving every movement into a poem as the wind rises.

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    Georgette V Neck Sleeveless Asymmetry Pleated Dress

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    Silk Crepe Long-Sleeve Pleated Dress With Button Decoration

ICICLE selects high-quality silk and spends 36 hours handcrafting and finetuning, from pleating, ironing, draping, to cutting, all to rouse an Atelier Dress.

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    Heavy Georgette Backless Pleated Long Dress Heavy

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    Georgette V-Neck Sleeveless Pleated Dress With Lace

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Over a hundred pleats on a dress are entirely handcrafted by master tailors, one pleat at a time. Craftsmanship emerges from the tiniest detail.