The Winter Quartet


When cold winds whisper its solemn hymn through the city streets,

we welcome winter with the warmth known of ICICLE’s style: a song of four elements.

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Quality and Versatility

Cashmere coats without any dyeing or bleaching treatment boast unparalleled natural quality and colour. When mixed and matched with a scarf - another winter fundamental - coats become playful and wholesome outwear clothing. Pair it with trousers with versatile ankle straps, and switch from business chic to casual anytime you see fit.

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Shape and craftsmanship

ICICLE’s 2020 winter collection is dedicated to the creation of various silhouettes. Beautifully defined shoulder, ample and curvaceous, the coats and cloaks encapsulate a strong aura. Away from the snow, they shelter crafted flowers caught on a skirt and the outlines of Parisian landscapes that bloom on the Atelier dress.

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