Spiritual tour


Reinforced concrete, street lines and pure angles make our architectural horizon. 

But even a city dweller never stops yearning the embrace of nature.

This equilibrium is the starting point of ICICLE's 2020 winter collection

that invites men to embark on a spiritual quest towards a journey in nature.

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Sky and Mountains

Everything begins with the earth, mother of life, mountains and hills. It inspires a new image of menswear in fawn and sand chromatics ranging from tall to smooth silhouettes. Knitted or crafted with consciousness and purpose, undyed garments give room to comfort and serenity.

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Ocean and Reef

Inspired by a calm ocean seen from the shore, blue outfits are essential to a business wardrobe that answers all needs and desire. Combined with technical and waterproof outwear clothing, it stays impervious to harshness just like the reef standing still against the crashing waves.

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